person-centered counselling

Carl Rogers, founder of Person-Centred Counselling believed that we all have an inner, natural impulse to realise our potential, and live fulfilled lives, but that we are often hampered by the conditions in which we have been raised,  traumas we have encountered, or protective habits that may no longer be serving us well.
He believed, and research shows, that when people are fully supported to accept themselves as they are, then they can heal, develop and move towards fulfilled, contented lives.

Person-centered counselling works very successfully with most issues including:

  • anxiety, depression and stress
  • change, bereavement and loss
  • unresolved childhood issues including emotional, physical and sexual abuse
  • domestic violence and sexual assault
  • low self-esteem and self-criticism
  • gender and sexual identity
  • relationship difficulties, including parenting challenges
  • mid-life reviews and changes, ageing and ill health
  • lack of meaning or purpose in life